Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Things we need words for.

One of the things that is brought up n in this YouTube video is the idea that people have become part of the algorithm. We don't really have methods in Computer science or human computer interaction which really looks at the ecology of people and technology. As mentioned in the video below at an individual basis there isn't really a problem it's only when you look at the larger statistical process that there is an effect at the larger level. In human computer interaction we don't really seem to have systems processes and mechanisms which can understand the human-Technology process such that we can make intelligent design decisions ( which includes the decision not to build something ).

As far as I know we don't really have a word where are we consider algorithms where human beings are part of the system forming a loop. We do know that feedback systems are incredibly nonlinear I'm frequently non-stable. This clearly clearly formed an area in Future research.

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