Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ottawa considering cycle lanes

The people of Ottawa are thinking of building cycle lanes including some elevated sections

'Elevated cycle paths accommodate dangerous expressway crossings. Level crossings are well posted with signage for motorists and cyclists alike. '

I'm a believer,  I guess the car transport engineers will build HUGE bulky paths capable of having a small army march along  them. The problem is that cyclists are gradient sensitive. You could be in the danger of building them and still getting cyclists risking life and limb on the at grade roads. 

My solution ( and I would say this wouldn't I ) don't build the odd bridge and the rest at grade,  keep the cycle lane up high and don't have any gradients. 

Any way a cycle lane is a cycle lane, go Ottawa

Monday, March 29, 2010


This is a very lovely Canadian E.C.L  

Technically my big issue with this is that they have very wide lanes. My big problem with this is that the big advantage of and E.C.L is you can retrospectively reintroduce them in to an urban environment. When you get wide lanes people start to feel they can walk down them and certainly the engineers start to think they HAVE to make them strong enough to handle a full distributed pedestrian road. This makes them VERY strong and so very heavy and so very big. 

Still why am I being so critical ? I'ts a lovely system and I'm sure they have the space. 

Elevated cycling tubes for green commuters

Tom Turner did this by in 1996.