Saturday, November 27, 2010


This looks to be an interesting enclosed at grade system in Rochester ( Canada )

It's quite simple but is based on an abandoned rail route.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fast Lane Cyclery And Cycle motorway interview.

Thanks to a kind reader leaving a comment 

Interview with Fast Lane Cyclery in the examiner. 
I think the motoway/freeway concept is a good metaphor. You don't have motorways everywhere and in cities the only way to introduce them is to elevate them ( at considerable expense ) . Motoways are smooth roads designed for high speed use and have intersections at different gradients (heights). You have on/off ramps at intervals and most of all you have very low gradient changes and cut through mountains and build up roads to do it. 

Worth a read. 

Christopher Rusay

Lovely elevated system I found as a competition entry by Chrstopher Rusay and Pariq Visop. 
Actually the best entry in my thinking ( have a look at some of the others see what you think ). Wonderfully modular and colourful and made from recycled materials. Does make you think about what you could achieve if you use plastic as a building materials. Inspired by the California Cycleway of 1900, a wooden elevated bike path (link elsewhere on the blog). 

I love the elegance of the system. I'd still put something over people's heads my self(OK I'm a pureist ) .  

top marks.